Join A Committee

Exercise Your Leadership!

HAPBWA committees offer an environment to exercise your leadership and be exposed to new business opportunities. We encourage all HAPBWA members to become part of one of the following committees to build relationships, learn new skills and share their expertise with their fellow members.

  • Marketing & Communications
  • Professional Development
  • Mentorship
  • Membership & Recruitment
  • Special Events
  • Fundraising

Contact us today to join one of our committees.  Your commitment and participation is what makes your experience as a HAPBWA member more valuable.

Marketing & Communications
  • Develop content for social media assets, website updates and blog/newsletter.
  • Maintain social media assets and update website/calendar.
  • Draft press releases and promotional materials for special events.
  • Manage media outreach, placements and interviews.
  • Create invites and promotional materials for monthly meetings.
  • Manage email lists/email blasts for monthly meetings, special events and fundraisers.
  • Manage photographer and videographer, as needed.
  • Support Special Events committee and BOD with signature events.
  • Prepare year-end report on HAPBWA’s marketing and communications initiatives and outcomes.
Professional Development
  • Complete monthly meetings calendar with select themes based on Think Tank session feedback.
  • Draft copy regarding topic of monthly meeting professional development seminar for Marketing and Communications to create and distribute invite.
  • Identify and secure qualified resources internally or externally to present to BOD for approval to fulfill conference delivery.
  • Draft survey to evaluate resource’s presentation/performance.
  • Manage resource’s concerns, questions and requests, as well as preparation of recognition certificate.
  • Secure food and beverage sponsor for monthly meetings who will have a maximum of 5 minutes to address HAPBWA membership during the monthly meeting they sponsor food & beverage for.
  • Set-up and breakdown of registration table, signage and audiovisual tools for monthly meetings.
  • Manage registration table during monthly meetings.
  • Prepare year-end report on HAPBWA’s professional development seminars/presentations and outcomes.
Membership & Recruitment
  • Manage new membership applications, document contact information in database, inform BOD for mention in upcoming monthly meeting and pass along payment information to HAPBWA Treasurer (invoicing/processing).
  • Manage new member welcome packet personalization and email delivery.
  • Manage member list to follow-up with renewals by month in Jan. 2016.
  • Manage membership survey.
  • Manage membership concerns, questions and requests.
  • Create and implement membership drives/campaigns.
  • Identify and pursue opportunities where we can make call-to-action to recruit new members.
  • Establish partnerships with colleges and universities to recruit student members, who can also serve as volunteers.
  • Prepare year-end report on HAPBWA’s membership initiatives and outcomes
  • Develop draft of criteria for organizations to qualify to receive HAPBWA mentorship support.
  • Develop draft of criteria for HAPBWA members to qualify as mentors.
  • Help identify and engage organizations, schools and/or individuals needing mentorship, including demographic profile of mentoring recipients.
  • Establish protocol/training to equip interested members with the tools needed for mentorship.
  • Build and maintain positive relationship with partner organizations, schools and/or individuals HAPBWA commits to help with mentoring.
  • Manage group of HAPBWA mentors maintaining accountability and attendance to established mentoring schedules.
  • Report on testimonials and prepare year-end report on HAPBWA’s mentorship role, participants and outcomes (possibly develop and implement a survey tool).
Special Events
  • Work closely with BOD on HAPBWA signature events.
  • Work closely with Marketing & Communications committee on branding, messaging and media outreach.
  • Draft letters for keynote speakers and special guests.
  • Identify, request quotes and secure venue for events (includes site inspection and working with venue contact on logistics).
  • Create sponsorship packages/letters
  • Prep sponsor hit list, prepare pitch, present to membership and motivate all to work on securing sponsors.
  • Manage event logistics from start to finish including budgeting and ticket sales.
  • Prepare year-end report on HAPBWA’s signature events and outcomes.
  • Draft outline with full description and timeline of the selected HAPBWA fundraising events that will be implemented in alignment with Think Tank feedback from membership.
  • Work closely with Marketing & Communications committee on branding, messaging (call-to-action) and community outreach plan to drive traffic/participation in fundraising activities.
  • Draft letters to stakeholders, sponsors and special guests, as needed.
  • Identify, request and secure venue for events (includes site inspection and working with venue contact on logistics).
  • Create and manage additional fundraising opportunities during event (i.e. admission ticket, silent auction, raffles, etc.)
  • Manage event logistics from start to finish.
  • Prepare year-end report on HAPBWA’s fundraising events and outcomes.