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Since 1997 we have set strategies and developed a women’s network to advance and protect our professional and business interests. We are dedicated to helping promote career driven women and to learn to market ourselves better in today’s world through seminars, workshops, special events and mentorship programs conducted in Spanish and bilingual formats.

Hispanic American professional and business women are fueling the economy, raising a huge portion of the next generation of this country’s workforce, and we are exercising our leadership and influence. Become a member today and help us build a promising future for ourselves, and our families.

Membership Benefits

  • Increased exposure in the business community via hands-on committee involvement
  • Association/mentorship from Hispanic women in leadership roles
  • Support from like-minded women who advocate for women’s advancement
  • Networking opportunities through monthly meetings and special events
  • Access to discounted and/or trade sponsorship of HAPBWA events
  • Inclusion in online member directory (to come in June 2015 with new website)
  • Free admission to professional development seminars, courses and/or workshops provided by HAPBWA
  • Mentorship opportunities with partner organizations/schools serving underserved families, single working mothers and youth
  • Discounted membership dues for students of any age group
  •  Introduction/access to reliable and trustworthy resources for personal, career or business related services

Membership Type:



Student Memberships granted with proof of enrollment in an educational institution.



Nonprofit membership for one individual representative of a community based organization with proof on not-for-profit status.





Corporate Memberships for 5 individuals whose names must be submitted within 30 days from membership start date are transferable only in the event of employee termination wherein the corporate entity may enlist a designee as a replacement for the remaining time of the membership.

Membership is non-transferable and valid for one (1) year renewable on membership start date.

PAYMENT VIA MAIL: Download and complete HAPBWA’s Membership Application and send along with check or money order in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank, payable to HAPBWA, P.O. Box 2964, Orlando, FL 32802. Dues are payable in advance and are not refundable or transferable.